Saturday, September 12, 2015

Guest Lecture on Enterprise Mobile App Development

Thrilled to be at Cvr Coe for inviting me to give "Guest lecture on "Mobile Enterprise Application development"" for CSE and IT final year students.
Presenting in front of my teachers and sharing what I have learnt and earned is always a blessing.Thanks to Raghava Morusupalli, Nagesh sir, Satyamurty Cherukupalli Sir for inviting me and refreshing my memories @ CVR & presenting me one of the priceless and one of the most precious memento that I could have ever got in my life.Thanks to Cvr Coe

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The idea and the main motto behind developing  RK-NFC-Connect is to build and provide platform for the developers to test and deploy NFC based applications by using RK-NFC-Emulink software.

Users can test their apps in emulators of Android and the same can be deployed into their phones without any code change by pre deploying RK-NFC-Connect App onto their phones.

  • RK-NFC-Connect,RK-NFC-CrossConnect & RK-NFC-EmuLink software provides developers to test and deploy their apps in the market by using RK-NFC Connect apis and Emulink console.
  • 3 step procedure to make your NFC or Non NFC phones to get the NFC touch & feel :). 
  • Users can download the RK-NFC-Connect app from Market and enjoy the feel of NFC on their non-nfc/nfc enabled phones for Android 4.0v & above by connecting to NFC Emulink tool.
  • The tool and app are developed taking the reference of MVC architecture, users can add new flavors of themes, names and do a lot of cool stuff. 
  • Rk-NFC-Emulink can be connected to any platform.
  • Using RK-NFC-Connect Api which has got NFC Service API written using java which makes the communication with NFC-EMULink. Basically certain codes are written to establish a reliable connection and that is hidden under NFC Service Api.
  • Certain Call Back events users have to register or call upon to connect EMU-LINK using NFC Service api, currently for Android it is achieved using Broadcast receivers with Custom Permissions of NFC-Connect which are system level.
  • IOS can also communicate to EMU Link, this happens with RK-NFC-CrossConnect.
  • Blackberry, J2ME, Android or any OS using java as programming tool, we can go ahead with tool no need of modification.

    RK-NFC-CrossConnect Video:-

  RK-NFC-Connect & RK-NFC-EMULINK exclusively for Android:-



Kindly have a glance on the below described videos of RK-NFC-Connect & RK-NFC-Emulink

Sunday, May 25, 2014

RK Social Media Adapter, An adapter to perform Oauth login process for Mobile phones

RK finally launches a new tool for Mobile Phone developers where Oauth login process can be performed by overcoming Domain based URLs,proxys on the mobile phone web browsers and many other restrictions that developers face during the Oauth login process with the help of mobile phone emulators or simulators.

RK  Social Media Adapter helps the developers to emulate the real time scenarios of Oauth Login process and gives the accurate results in fetching the Access token and by generating the Oauth URL without the need of domain URLs and proxys.

An innovative process where the development servers are controlled by RK Social Media Adapter and performs Login process in the desktop browsers related to Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn etc.

Kindly have the glance on the screen shots and much more info will be shared soon along with UML diagrams to understand the flow & also RK will have downloads page where software's will be available for the developers to develop.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


RK SMART LABS is glad to announce that its now officially  an "Premier Elite Partner" of "Intel Software" and would work and develop RK products supporting Intel x86 architecture and Intel Galileo boards.

Partner Benefits for RK SMART LABS with Intel Software:-

Get the latest planning roadmaps for Intel mobile, desktop, and server platforms utilizing Intel® Atom™, Intel® Centrino®, Intel® Core™, Intel® Xeon® processors or Intel® vPro™ technology. View now ›
Gain the credibility of a leading brand by using the Software Partner badge in your marketing materials.Get it now ›
List your organization to help increase the visibility of your organization and connect with program members to create new partnerships. 
Gain insight into the Graphics and Energy efficiency performance profile of your application by integrating the Intel® Software Development Assistant into your development process.
Develop reliable, optimized application with less time and less effort by using the latest Intel tools.
Learn, pose questions and interact with other developers regarding Intel platforms and technologies. Gain insights about the developer program, go-to-market resources and business networking opportunities.
Get business and marketing tips from experts. Connect with your fellow Intel Software Partners and develop new business opportunities.
Stay up to date on the latest developer resources, software tools, program developments, industry insights and go to market opportunities.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Android CodeFest by Intel Software @ Sun & Sand Hotel,Pune

I was invited for the seminar conducted by Intel on Android NDK development. The best part of the seminar is RK-SMARTLABS will be partnering with Intel Software and will be on with RK's core product "RK-SMART-AUTOMATION" for intel X86 architecture.
Very soon RK will be known as "START UP" and will have its partner office located at Pune. 
Was a memorable day with great guys and RK Projects could catch the attention of the audience and opened a new way for hiring interns and for its further development.
Very good exposure on Intels software tools for x86 architecture and many technologies for gaming were exposed.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

RK-NFC-CrossConnect, An innovation to support multiplatforms for NFC Simulation

Within a week RK SMART LABS all set to launch its another product RK-NFC-CrossConnect which will be used to establish communication with emulators of any platform be it windows,j2me,android,blackberry for NFC communication.

RK-NFC-Connect android app & RK-NFC-EmuLink advances by adopting to WebSockets which established the communication with HTML5 browsers across platforms, provided that vendor has 

provided the support to the respective browsers.

RK's another mile stone which will again be published as Open Source, with the tutorials helping developers to integrate their apps with RK-NFC-Cross Connect and RK-NFC-Connect both

are internally connected to RK-NFC-EmuLink

Video tutorials and other apis will be exposed soon along with RK-NFC-Connect. Stay tuned to RK :)

Kindly visit Innovation Book Page for more details.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


As the new year arrives RK SMART LABS is all set to launch its first product for NFC Technology by providing NFC Simulation & Emulation for developers and Users to feel the touch of NFC.

RK comes up with innovation of building a RK-NFC-Connect Android App for NFC Simulation & Emulation.

The idea and the main motto behind developing  RK-NFC-Connect is to build and provide platform for the developers to test and deploy NFC based applications by using RK's NFC-Emulink software.

The development has successfully got completed and RK will be contributing to Open Source by publishing the api and RK-NFC-Emulink to GitHub and RK SMART LABS Developers Book.

RK's NFC-Apk, Emulink.jar,can be fetched remotely with a defined URL of RK SMART LABS, developers just need to call the jars as specified by NFC Connect Doc.

3 step procedure to make your NFC or Non NFC phones to get the NFC touch & feel :). 

Users can download the RK-NFC-Connect app from Market and enjoy the feel of NFC on their non-nfc phones/nfc enabled phones for Android 4.0v & above.

Have a look over the screen shots & Videos of RK-NFC-Connect & RK-EmuLink.

By the end of January month after the successful completion of Integration testing Beta version of NFC-Connect & EmuLink will be released and respective docs & video tutorials for developers will be released.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

RK expanding wings to new RK-SMART-AUTOMATION with RK's own Push Notification system

RK reaches new mile stone by coming up with new architecture by digging the "tcp-ip" protocol for establishing the connection between host and the device. This architecture redesigns the entire system of RK SMART SYSTEM. 

Now RK expands its wings for not only home automation but to industry automation and a new framework which expands the horizons of RK with its own Push Notification system which can handle requests and broadcasts the request with RK's sceret Pin to client from Host.

Have a glance on the screenshots of the POC done on new framework of RK-SMART-AUTOMATION.